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Suspender Buttons, Stippled, Antique
Suspender and Trouser Buttons. Starting at $1.00 each

Suspender Buttons, Stippled, Antique

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Style and Size
Stippled Bright Brass, 4 hole, 5/8"
Stippled Bright Brass, 4 hole, 1/2"
Stippled Black Japanned, 4 hole, 5/8"
Stippled Black Japanned, 4 hole, 1/2"
Stamped Solid Brass, 4 hole, 1/2"
Used/Worn Brass Stippled 1/2"
Used/Worn Tin Stippled 5/8"
Used/Worn Tin Stippled 1/2"
Original 19th Century Suspender and Fly Buttons.

These buttons are all unused from their original manufacturer's boxes and are in mint 

All antique trouser buttons are stamped 2-piece tin.  The bright brass are stamped sheet brass on the front and tin on the back. 

Trousers usually used 7 - 5/8" buttons on waistband & 4 -1/2" buttons for fly closure.

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