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CS Artillery Button, Brass or Pewter "Block A"
Block "A" Brass, Imported

CS Artillery Button, Brass or Pewter "Block A"

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Brass 24L Cuff
Brass, 36L Coat
Brass. Confined Lines. Coat Size
Pewter 24L Cuff , Bright
Pewter 36L Coat, Bright
Pewter 24L Cuff Dark
Pewter 36L Coat, Dark

Block "A"
Available in 24L, Cuff Size and 36L Coat Size. Pewter  Domestic
36L Coat size, Brass, Imported, 

40L  French made, circa. 1970's-80's. Large Size. These are unmarked replicas of the 25mm "A" buttons that were backmarked "HT&B MANCHESTER"
(Note the French company that made these is no longer in business, so when they are gone, they are gone.)

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